Our story

Learn about some of the key moments in the Group's history, from its foundation up to date.

  • Creation and launch of Bonera Group as the new corporate identity of Bongas Group.
  • KLC shareholding increased to 50%.


  • Acquisition of a 37.5% stake in Kilometer Low Cost, S.A. (KLC), dedicated to the operation of electric vehicle charging networks and the sale of associated services and mobility solutions.
  • Smartwatt was the Artificial Intelligence partner in two projects which received the IDC Portugal award for the best artificial intelligence project in Portugal and the best energy project.
  • Implementation of a logistics optimisation system for LPG cylinders.
  • KLC won two lots (~ 120 charging locations) of the Mobi.e tender for electric charging stations.


  • Smartwatt reaches a milestone of more than 10 MW of installed power generation and more than 100 energy management systems installed in the industries, while extending the installation of these systems internationally – Spain and Brazil.
  • Bongás Energias was distinguished with the Five Stars Regions Award, in the LPG cylinder category.
  • Opening of new Bxpress refuelling stations.
  • Bongás Energias acquires a LPG cylinder business in Anadia.


  • Smartwatt organised the first Artificial Intelligence event for Energy, at The Yeatman Hotel, with more than 20 representatives of leading companies in energy and technology.
  • Development of a partnership between Smartwatt and BAX Energy for the representation and sale of Smartwatt products in Italy, Germany, Austria and Morocco.


  • Opening of three new Bxpress petrol stations.
  • Acquisition of a LPG distribution business and technical assistance in Cantanhede and Mealhada.


  • Smartwatt shareholding increased to 90% and creation of three business units – Intelligence, Renewables and Efficiency.
  • Smartwatt won for the first time REN’s (Portuguese TSO) international competition for wind power production forecasting.
  • Opening of the fourth Bxpress petrol station.
  • Smartwatt participated in energy efficienct partnership project at Rio de Janeiro international airport.


  • Opening of the first Bxpress petrol station.
  • Development of the first energy forecasting tools by Smartwatt as part of a European project – Singular.



  • Acquisition of a 50% equity stake in Smartwatt, a start-up created in an University and dedicated to the provision of energy efficiency services and energy consulting.
  • Large thermal solar power plant installed in Guimarães Hospital.
  • Incorporation of the company Bongás Moz, Lda, dedicated to the distribution of LPG cylinders and operation of a petrol station in Maputo-Mozambique.
  • Sale of network of retail service stations to Prio.


  • The emergence of energy efficiency and renewable energy as future themes motivated the Group to enter this business. It launched Bongás Tecnologias, focused on the sale, installation and maintenance of solar panels. The sale of household appliances was discontinued.


  • Acquisition of the Repsol LPG distribution business in Leiria and creation of Globalpetróleos – Derivados de Petróleo, S.A.


  • Construction and acquisition of various refuelling stations.
  • Acquisition of numerous LPG distribution businesses in Aveiro district.


  • Robert Bosch acquired Vulcano from Bongás, turning the Aveiro centre into a worldwide reference in the research and production of water heaters and boilers.


  • Bongás leads the creation of Vulcano (55% shareholding). The company manufactured water heaters with Bosch, Bongas and Zeus brands under a Bosch licensing agreement and patent. It later launched the Vulcano brand which became market leader and a reference in the sector.


  • Company name changed to BONGÁS – Sociedade Central de Combustíveis de Aveiro, Lda.
  • Shareholding restructured including the entry of Manuel Santos Silva who came to lead the company during 25 years of strong growth in area of imports, marketing (including the opening of branches in Porto and Faro) and production of domestic appliances (creation of Vulcano).


  • Incorporation of Duarte & Pimentel Lda, based in Aveiro, for the purpose of representing SACOR and CIDLA (predecessors of Petrogal and Galp) focused on the introduction and growth of LPG cylinders in Portugal. It also marketed domestic appliances (stovens and cookers) as a means to boost gas consumtion.


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