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We supply products and services for the energy sector that improve people’s quality of life, the efficiency of the economy and contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable world.

With over 70 years of experience in the energy sector the Group is focused on the creation of value through proximity to customers, innovation and permanent adaptation to market trends.

Inspired by the spirit of its founders, the Group remains faithful to its history of adapting to new realities and making the most of market opportunities with a view to long-term sustainability and value creation.

The Bonera Group's includes companies that are at the cutting edge of the energy transition – in the area of energy efficiency, engineering, monitoring systems, artificial intelligence and electric vehicle charging – alongside other more traditional businesses, such as the marketing of gas and fuel. But the spirit of innovation and differentiation is also present in the latter as illustrated by the pioneering of fully automated petrol stations and logistics optimisation systems.


  • Trust- We honour our commitments.
  • Innovation - We anticipate opportunities, improve existing offers and develop new solutions.
  • People - In a world of technology people remain core.
  • Sustainability - We work to preserve the planet for future generations.
  • Partnerships - We create partnerships with entities that share our values and have competencies that are complementary to ours.
  • Resilience - We proactively manage risks.
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